The bridge between innovation and the market


Starting off as an international company in the valorization of forestry residues, today we evolved into the expert of sales and business development of high quality tree based products. Globally active Xylempor is based in three strategic regions - Western Europe (Head office - Brussels), Canada (Montréal), Baltic states (Vilnius). Our multidisciplinary team consists of biochemists, wood technology experts, forestry engineers combined with 20 years of marketing experience and commercial expertise. We have renowned partnerships in international biobased business intelligence and R&D projects.




Xylempor is a provider of tree based products that are applied to industries that require Functional and Superior products with Innovation. We carefully select and screen products developed in biobased projects. Using our expertise and network we deploy selected products into practical real world applications and ensure a continuous quality and supply  of these products. For example, our product applications extend into automotive industry and aeronautics, construction materials, emission control, cosmetics, agriculture and horticulture, renewable energy production and many more (See our Products). It is essential to us that the sourcing and the production of our products is Sustainable. Therefore our portfolio constitutes only with products that contribute to regenerative design.





Xylempor is a partner in various international biobased business intelligence projects. We develop businesses and parnterships that cover the needs of raw wood material and high-end markets. Being an expert in tree based products we use our multidisciplinary team knowledge and extensive network to get projects off the ground. Find our more about Xylempor business partnerships here.


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