Green chemistry

Functional products from sustainable tree based sources

Wood flour

Xylempor wood flour is designed for individual customer needs. We deliver only consistent quality of our wood flours. Portfolio of Xylempor has a range of available wood flours in sizing and is made from different wood species. We work with defining your needs and adding superior quality to your products based on your requirements.

  • Superior quality
  • Wide range of particle size classes
  • Continuous mechanical properties
  • High adhesion strength


Xylempor celluloses are 100% biobased. We use wood residues and most advanced technologies to create highly effective microcellulose. Our services are tailored to your technical characteristics. With our outstanding selection of microcellulose fractions you can create more advanced, flexible and robust materials that are renewable and biodegradable.

  • Advanced material design
  • Better product capabilities and applications
  • Boost your mechanical and physico-chemical properties
  • Improve your product regenerative attributes

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