Partnering with XYLEMPOR

The path to get your innovative tree based project off the ground

Key to project financing

Xylempor can help you to secure the financing of innovative tree based projects. Our versatile team is highly skilled in sustainable project development. Together with our experts and 20 years of marketing experience and commercial expertise we know what is necessary to get your project financed and profitable. If your project is tree based and sustainable, Xylempor can help you to realize your targets in several ways:

  • Conducting a feasibility study
  • Securing long term sales contracts
  • Co—financing your project

Together with our long lasting experience and our network your project goals can be realized.




Bridging innovation and market

Xylempor is an internationally renown expert in high quality tree based products. Over the years we have built a vast network in the biobased sector and have partnerships in R&D and business intelligence projects. Xylempor is the bridge between the lab and industry for tree based products. Our multidisciplinary team combined with 20 years of marketing and sales experience has all the tools to guide your innovative project to the right direction. By removing the barriers faced between R&D and the private sector we bring your products into the market.




Route to international programmes

The team of Xylempor has a vast experience with participating in multinational research and innovation funding programmes. Throughout the years together with our mother company CAPAX Environmental Services we have participated in a number of FP7 framework programmes, such as BioCore and MultiBioPro. Currently our team is active in Horizon 2020 and SPIRE (Sustainable Process Industry through Resources and Energy efficiency) projects. Our experience in internationally funded programmes can be a gateway to get your innovative tree based project funded.


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