Bioenergy & biofuels

Climate friendly, certified and renewable

Roasted wood pellets

Xylempor roasted wood pellets are from sustainably managed forest residues and are a climate friendly replacement for fossil coal. Our pellets are easily integrated into historical coal power and CHP installations, enabling them to generate clean energy without a lengthy and expensive conversion. Our certified and energy dense roasted wood pellets are an ideal feedstock for gasification and biorefining processes.

  • Clean energy production
  • High energy content
  •  Immediate replacement of fossil coal
  • Lower logistical costs

Pyrolysis oil

Our pyrolysis oil is based on wood residues therefore it does not compete with the food chain. Energy dense Xylempor pyrolysis oil will make your energy production more affordable and efficient. Our immediate and practical pyrolysis oil will advance your heat, steam and power applications by making them more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

  • GHG savings
  • No competition with food chain
  • Immediate and practical
  • High energy content

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